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In Ear Monitor and Custom Earphones

Technology and customization for high quality sound

Earfonik builds custom In Ear Monitors and Headphones with Micro Balanced Armature drivers technology. The micro Balanced Armature drivers are the only technology specifically developed to allow the designing and implementing ofintegrated multi-way crossover within the In Ear Monitor. MBA technology creates excellent sound and an extended and balanced frequency response.
To maximize the acoustic performance and the safety of your hearing over time it is necessary to build a system that perfectly isolates from external noise. Our experience and studies in the audio field led us to build custom In Ear Monitor perfectly adapted to the ears providing an isolation of more than 26dB.
Our products have been developed with sound engineers to obtain:
- high definition sound over all frequencies;
- balanced and extended performances.
Many musicians on stage and in studio use Earfonik In Ear Monitor.

Ear Protectors

Quality of materials and customization for a complete protection from noise

Earfonik is also specialized in the manufacturing of ear protectors to avoid hearing damage caused by noise; our products are custom made with rigid and soft nontoxic material. Ear protectors are important for the reduction of noise at the workplace but also for people who are exposed to high sound levels as musicians.

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